Well, I wouldn't be where I am today if not for other peoples' comics and their inspiration... so here's a list of great websites.

By the way, this isn't even a fraction of the webcomics I read every day. Wrap your ridged foreheads around that.

Neko the Kitty It's a cute comic about kitties and their various owner folk. The cats smoke cigarettes sometimes. That's bad for them, but hilarious. This comic ended, but right before it did, I took over as artist! I drew two of the scripts given to me.. but then he got tired of updating... so it was ended.. but.. but then a year later he started it up again!!! GO READ IT! It laughmakes.
Fireball20XL!!! A pretty popular site, lots of Sonic and other spritecomics.

8-bit Theater

Another famous one, but it and a few other FF1 spritecomics influenced Kiwi Day in a pretty obvious way. ^_^
Twisted Kaiju Theater What's not to like? Kaiju dolls and poop jokes! Sure it's gotten a little left-wing lately (ok, really left-wing) but still! I made a fancomic for this guy, and he loved it.
Perry Bible Fellowship I can't explain this one to you. If you could explain it to me, I'd suggest a CATscan.
Public School Sucks Nuts And it does. ^_^ Majin did this infrequently-updated comic. It's great! If you don't believe me, check out the great fanart he did!
King Me! My pal Weave/Tkat` made this hilariously cute playmobil-esque comic that's to HomestarRunner what the taco is to the sandwich. ^_^
Kid Radd This pixel comic is on par with Reboot for epic sci-fi computer-world stories.. and in fact probably one of the most epic webcomics on this link list. ^.^ not bad for the main characters being a trio of the most basic-looking 8bit sprites ever!
Bizarre Uprising Manga and sex, what more could you want? Check out its sister comic, Entertain Dome. Easily the best example of author self-insertion since the man from Nantucket got bored.
Sexy Losers This is a hentai manga comic strip, and a weekly one. it's not the best art I've ever seen, but it is the best humor! Seriously.. we could all learn a lesson from this guy. Too bad the artist had to quit.
The Lounge This is a funny funny well-drawn manga webcomic (though occasionally its text is a bit cryptic) of 4-koma style. It has the truth about strange fanboys/fangirls and lezzies ^.^ wee! Also check out Rave Kitty and Thong Revolution!
Daily Suppository Ok, it hasn't updated in about 2 years. Still, what a funny thing!
Bob n' George Heh, I think what's-his-name would appreciate being this far down the list. He's gotta be one of the best webcomic artists ever, because he talks to us every day in his blurbs and isn't afraid to self-denigrate a bit. After all, he has the most popular Megaman spritecomic ever, and it's not even supposed to be one.
Plague's Misadventures

A friend of mine made this, and it's hosted on Bob n' George :O
I wish I was that lucky. It's a MegamanX sprite comic. <ran dies>

Neko Machi "Cat Town" ^_^ A cool manga-style webcomic by my absolute idol, Ewen Cluney. His writings inspired me like nothing else. It doesn't update with an actual comic ALL the time, but.. yknow.. it's cool!
Megatokyo Megatokyo is teh r0x0r. The important thing, though, is that it's all pencil-drawn just like Kiwi Day! ^_^ I use that as an excuse a lot.
WIGU Seriously... the randomness comedy is where it is with this comic. It's actually several comics, because this guy is at least as prolific as I am. Too bad he's such an irredeemable liberal. ><

Punks and Nerds/
Nothing Nice to Say

Friggin' funny is what this is. Umm.. You know how popular TV shows and webcomics like to reference old stuff like Ninja Turtles and stuff? This one does it more than ANYBODY... I mean.. DOUG!!!
Kiwis by Beat! A variety of comics by a really talented artist, evoking old stuff like Little Nemo at the same time that it, umm... well, actually reminds me of Kiwi Day! ^_^ ... If you like cute little girls and wild imaginations, give a click.

Dark Side Tavern

My bestpal Tenchi's site. Ok, there's not much. So what?
Plooshies A cute comedy comic riddled with stuffing and in-jokes! This is done by a good pal of mine.. who draws better than I could have dreamed of at her age.. or.. actually now.. or probably for the next several years. ^_^'

Other great stuff:

Wikipedia (the collection of all human knowledge!)

Homestar Runner! If you don't know why, it'll probably take you a few years.

My DeviantArt page! In case you were wondering if this was as good as I could draw (It's not). I draw lots of robots and anime things... and fantasy.

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