Can you believe all the awesome fanart people sent me? Go ahead and send your own!

OMG pretty picture of NeNe from my good pal Arline!
Bestpal Tenchi (aka Nick Naga) did a great group pic!
Just Oak it? I believe I shall! Thanks Tenchi!
Thanks Usagi for a picture of longhaired NeNe! (btw Kairu=me)
Lovely profile, Usagi! Nene (better known as Nene Naga) drew this picture of NeNe. Great job, so... artistic!
Great, another NeNe. This time it's from Majin aka Gargamel Goblin! Arline drew another NeNe, this time a blue-eyed ganguro christmas NeNe?
Stenfox did a neat rendering in his own style!
Pretty heavily stylized Mifune and Kishon, thanks Majin!
Tenchi drew me another! Kishon and a far-off pillar o' light!
Arline drew this one after I described Mifune as fruity.

Ah! So great! For Christmas, Arline gives us Ninjin, NeNe, and Tamasai!

Wow, great MS Paint art there Eric!

So yeah, this is... uhh.... cool! Thanks Oni.

Rei drew this! Uh, I mean Mizuumi drew it...

Another good one from Rei, this time out of character! Will Robin look like this someday?
Wow! Grown-up riven? Thanks very much to Saichen, who is also Tamasai. ^_^
Awesome semi-realistic drawing of Soroban by Ophelia-chan! Round-headed goodness! Wowee, BubbleGum-chan did this on MSN draw!!! NeNe's a li'l flasher. ^-^
the fabulous creator of Laserwing (check it out on tumblr, you won't regret it) did this amazing fanart of everyone's favorite (wooden) character! Laserwing person drew another obscure character, the Mayor of Taborca! Truly all mayors should wear go-go dresses


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