Old pic. Grr!New pic. Hi!

Mr. Big Hero! Kishon's a career adventurer, master of Drunken Sun style martial arts (think blasts of fire and the occasional fancy kick) and master of the Rooster Beam attack. He's quite fond of sake, a smidge clever, and otherwise a normal young man (about 14 when the series begins) with all that entails (e.g. enjoyment of boobies).
One thing Kishon is not at all fond of is birds. They poo on things on purpose, you know, and he just can't respect that. Even so, back home he does have a nice pet phoenix whose name escapes me.

Old pic. Determination!New pic. Hey there!Loki in wolf form. Woof!

Loki's the man. More or less friendly and easygoing, often with a snappy comment belying his simple mind. Having a werewolf for a mother and a cave wolf for a father, Loki's one-fourth human and three-fourths canine. Nonetheless, this is his natural form here in the smart green pants. At the view of the moon (no particular phase) though, he turns into a nine-foot monstrosity capable of... chewing things up and possibly biting things.
Loki's actually pretty young (about 11 at the beginning?), but ages quickly thanks to his mixed ancestry. He and NeNe have a special relationship that goes beyond crotch-sniffing.

Old pic. Droolies!New pic, <3
Every comic needs a cat-girl. NeNe was a little white cat living with Zi, the cat-breeding witch, until she was transformed into a human (mostly) to be her daughter. NeNe's too independent though, and has to do things her own way. Whenever no solution is clear, she's bound to just do something unexpected and inexplicably solve the problem. Interesting thing about NeNe is that having lived quite a while at the accelerated age of a cat, but currently aging at human rate, she's numerically quite young.
Old art. Hooray!New art. Slightly taller!Soroban's hair!!!

Everyone's favorite weird little super-powered psy-kid. Certainly NOT Ness in Super Smash Bros when you change his color. His origins are mysterious, he's got a super-genius IQ, and he digs teh boobies as well as people twice his age (which is really a bit older than he looks).
Among his powers are floating, lightning, mind-control, putting images in peoples' brains, limited telepathy and telekinesis, and uhh... he can go for hours without water! Because he can understand animals, he made a special bond with Lobster. Even when those two aren't around, they sometimes appear as sparkly ghosty images, what with the ability to project and stuff.

Old art. Have at you!New art, showin' off the coolness.Oak's stuff, plus the beard he grows later.

Among all the main characters, Oak is the least main, and the most changing as time goes on. He's also roughly the oldest (About 18 at the beginning of the story?) and has a very stable personality... albeit frequently grouchy and with a poor sense of humor. Wet blankets aren't the worst thing in the world, depending what the liquid in question is.
Oh, Oak isn't Link. Definitely not. Not even close. See the brown tights? Link doesn't wear brown tights.

Old art. Broodybird.New art. Scree!
Oak's beloved pet falcon, useful as a scout, burglar alarm, and poo-poo bomber. He shares a sort of special love/hate relationship with Kishon.
Uh, you know what? Nevermind. Amanda Hugandkiss doesn't qualify as a main character... or as a vertebrate.
Old art. Cool as a crustacean!New art. Wow, is that shading?

Everybody's favorite arthropod! When they first met him, Lobster was little more than a glorified pet with mild depression, but he soon showed signs of unusual power... eventually he came back with the amazing abilities of noodlemancy!
Among his alter-egos and transformations are the Super Lobster, the daikaiju Iseebi, and...

Old art. What a neat fellow!New art. He never was hard to draw.
Originally used to interact with humans more smoothly, this poet-looking bespectacled fellow wields a mean Golden Noodlemancy Fork.
Old art. The glow isn't circular, but it's still good!New pic. Not sure if she was even in the comic by the time I drew this well.This is how Pix usually looks, what with being tiny.
Oak's fiancée! Pix is a young fairy with somewhat generic magic powers, and never really did a whole bunch in battle; but man, if she ever had to, she could have! You might say Oak is wrapped around her finger, which is particularly funny since she could literally wrap herself around his, and... What? It's not funny? Damn.
Old art. Woulda been fine if I hadn't shrunk his head for some reason.New art. This... isn't that much better.
He's slightly fruity. Mifune is Kishon's rival, but sort of an old friend too. His half-assed attempts at villainry are met more with humor than terror. The Dragon's Thumb technique he practices allows him to fire blue fireballs and twisted "Thumbscrew Beam" double ki-beams at his enemies...
Old art. Ninjin's a transformer!New art. What a bright-eyed cutie!
Ninjin's a naga. That means she's got the head of a human, the body of a huge cobra, and two really awful parents. That last bit isn't common to the species, but you get the idea. She can transform between her two ancestral forms, which is awesome because.. everybody loves little girls and cobras. Soroban especially, those two are made for each other. Definitely precocious, though I beileve she's the youngest of all the main characters... Well then again, NeNe's age isn't as simple as one number.
Old art. Droopy-ears!New art. Teh horns!
Tamasai's the second princess of Lerenia, the better hemisphere on the planet Mercury. She and her sister got stranded on Earth, and fortunately met up with our heroes! Because she's a princess, she gets that spiffy mark on her forehead, along with a portion of the royal family's ice powers. Those come in handy on her planet, but she finds Earth kinda cold, so Kishon has to use his fire-related powers to help out with that. See? Perfect match.
Ryou's totally evil... Like David Bowie.
Basically counts as a main character because he's such a recurring villain. He's some kind of vampire or something.. demony.. guy... shoots beams and.. uh... well anyway, he's Chasi's half-brother. The guy who asked me to put a character based on him in the comic had a character in mind already, who I based this on. He was some kind of male Ryouko (from Tenchi) hence Ryou's appearance and name.
Old art. Piggy!New art. Note headband!

This little pig was discovered in a strange place. He showed immediate friendliness towards Kishon, and had a neat place as a team mascot until it turned out he was...

Old art. Dadness!New art. Not a huge improvement, but...
Kishon's dad! He's got a lot of the same abilities as his son, and the two get along better than butter and oatmeal. His house is the coolest place... with lots of futuristic goodness and a volcano-powered generator. The volcano has a lava dragon in it.
Alex's wife, Kishon's mom, doesn't appear to have a name. She's like Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island, her only name is her affectionate pet name, Fluffycakes.
Old art. Curly.New art. Isometric!
Kishon's soul cloud, one of a very few special "Cumulo" soul clouds with a full complement of sentience and a separate conciousness from Kishon's. He also makes a great ride and has weather-related powers!


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