This art is the sort of thing I used to fill space with. If this was a book, it'd be in the inside covers.

For more of my art, Clickity.

Wait, what's the name of the comic again?

This was the original title logo. I had no idea until now that it was transparent-background.

The best thing about sorta ripping off anime is that the Japanese are SO nice about copyright stuff.

Mizu's basically a little female Trunks, see, and she's fond of Haiya Dragon, so I drew this little quick pic for her.


I love drawing people in their lil blankets and stuff. I suppose this is a little short... like where are the rest of his legs?

The gang's all here! Gang? EEK!

I'm glad I drew this when the main cast was at its largest, cuz it looks nice and impressively big-ful.

I have.

It's not pretty, since I made it out of an enlarged sprite, but still... Have you?

Posing goodness!

I'm not proud of letting Kishon impersonate Michael Jackson, but otherwise this is a really stylish picture.

Words to live by

This was just a lazy mousedrawing, but it's still good. Actually this has somewhat permanent painful memories, since just as I finished drawing it my dad barged in to yell at me for like the 9th time that week.

Take that, cave wall!

Kishon melting words into a stone wall is cool, but I've been told the Rooster Beam looks kinda phallic.

Parlez-vous le boobies?

I don't need to explain this, do I?

Kind of a small bar...

I'm sure this happened at least once in some bar in Mexico.

Way to stand there flatly, Mizu.

Because fighting is awesome

Artie, the strongest man in the world, had a doll of himself.

Don't ask where this came from... but I want a doll of myself!

Oh! Here's some other great stuff you deserve to see.

OMG it's old!

This is the original character design page. As you can see, Soroban was going to transform into a hedgehog.. or.. have a hedgehog.. or something. Actually just before this I drew a little sketch with some FF1 style people. I think this was actually drawn the day before the first comic, but I can't be sure.


And here... is a long-term project I did... outlining the family tree of all the 'main' characters. Oddly, I guess Ninjin's parents aren't King Nestle and Queen Naru after all. I need to reread again... Oh wait, that's right, different population.

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